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Financial expertise

This business expertise allows our teams to anticipate the development of business related to finance and thus better meet the specific needs of our clients.

Market Wise Associates - Project function

Project function

  • Regulatory (Bale II, BAFI, SURFI ...)
  • Integration of financial solutions
  • Implementation flow front to back
  • Reporting solution and analysis activity
  • Development of payment systems
  • Market data Quality – Reporting
Market Wise Associates - Business Application

Business Application

  • Reference creation and management
  • Development of automate trading
  • Integration and development of business application (internal application or financial software)
  • Implementation and development of new financial products and new models
Market Wise Associates - Operational intervention

Operational intervention

  • Trader assistant
  • Middle and back office manager
  • Functional support to users front and middle office
  • Responsible for reconciliation
  • Definition of accounting schemes
  • Implementation of IAS IFRS
  • Establishment of indicators for risk monitoring
  • VaR( Value at Risk) production and analysis of P&&L
Market Wise Associates - Financial engineering

Financial engineering

  • Development of pricing model
  • Development calculation library
  • Development of models for market risk (mathematical skills, programming and finance)