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Projet supporting

Market Wise Associates - Project management assistance

Project management assistance

  • Requirements definition
  • Development of specifications
  • Validation of functional specifications and / or Techniques specifications
  • Development of plans and specifications formular
  • Confirmation Plan
  • Development and monitoring Back-up plan
  • Monitoring post Back-up
Market Wise Associates - Projects


  • Outsourcing the function « Project Manager » : Project pilot and Project Management
  • Methodology of project management
  • Plan
  • Cost
  • Back-up
Market Wise Associates - Information system

Information system

  • Audit
  • Diagnosis
  • Modeling
Market Wise Associates - Master plan

Master plan

  • Assistance to the definition of Master Plan
  • Preparation of bid
  • Monitoring the bid
  • Critical study of providers offers (functional, tariff, qualitative, quantitative, solution choice)
Market Wise Associates - Integration


  • Assistance of integration
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Software package